K3 Contract Negotiations

Our Teamsters Skilled Trades Bargaining Team: (left to right) Jason Rabinowitz, Timothy French, Doreen Dodds, Lewis Vincent, Ryan Burgess, Alex Vermie, and Robert Hale Sr.

UC Davis K3 Skilled Trades Contract Negotiations

Just over 300 Skilled Trades workers at UC Davis campus and Health joined Teamsters Local 2010 on Nov. 17, 2020.  These workers have tried to gain Union representation several times in past years and will finally have a voice in their workplace. Updates on the bargaining process will be emailed to members and posted on this page. Forms and documents related to negotiations will also be posted here.

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Open Enrollment Information for UCD Teamsters

The University will increase healthcare premiums Jan. 1, 2024, for the plans available to UC employees. However, our Teamsters contract for members of the UC Davis K3 Skilled Trades bargaining unit does not allow an increase of more than $25 per month or $300 total per year. Your share of

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Teamsters-Negotiated Raises Promised in Oct. 25 Paycheck

After months of excuses and failed commitments, UC Davis has said that they will implement and pay us our Teamsters-negotiated raises in Oct. 25 paychecks. Skilled Trades Teamsters should be paid the following on Oct. 25, 2023: Retroactive pay increases: June 26, 2022 through June 24, 2023: 6% raise and

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UC Davis Skilled Trades Teamsters Say YES to our First Teamsters Contract!

A resounding 100% of voting UC Davis Skilled Trades members have ratified our new contract with UC Davis! Two years of tough negotiations and plenty of demonstrations of solidarity from UC Davis Teamsters have won us an incredible first-time contract. Our new agreement locks in significant guaranteed raises, worker protections and job security,

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Tentative Agreement reached for UCD Skilled Trades Teamsters!

After two years of tough negotiations, our Union solidarity and Teamsters power have paid off: Our Teamsters Bargaining Team has achieved a Tentative Agreement on our first-ever Teamsters UC Davis Skilled Trades contract for the K3 Bargaining Unit! This Tentative Agreement locks in significant guaranteed raises, worker protections and job security, and ensures

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Teamsters Demand Meeting over Outrageous UCD Health Parking Rates!

UC Davis Health leadership have agreed to meet with Teamsters and other UCD Unions over UC Davis Health’s unfair parking rates! UC Davis Health Labor Relations leaders Shareef Valentine and Danielle Keller agreed to the meeting after a coalition of UCD Unions—including Teamsters, UPTE-CWA 9119, AFSCME 3299, CNA, UAW 5810

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UCD Skilled Trades Bargaining Update

We have made progress negotiating our first contract as Teamsters. We have reached Tentative Agreements on 22 contract articles, including Performance Evaluations, Dismissals, Bargaining Unit work, Respect/Fair treatment and Contracting Out. PROPOSED PAY STEPSOn June 23, our Bargaining Team submitted our Union wage proposal. We proposed that the 15-step structure

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Teamsters Submit First Proposal for K3 Wages!

Our Teamsters Skilled Trades Bargaining Team: (left to right) Jason Rabinowitz, Timothy French, Doreen Dodds, Lewis Vincent, Ryan Burgess, Alex Vermie, and Robert Hale Sr. Teamsters Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz gave the University our Union’s first proposal on wages Thursday, June 23, which included compelling data that shows UC

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Teamsters Negotiate 3% Raise for UCD Skilled Trades Workers!

Teamsters Negotiate 3% Raise to be Implemented Soon for Davis Skilled Trades Workers! As the year comes to an end, our Teamsters Skilled Trades (K3 Unit) Bargaining Team continues to work hard negotiating the strongest possible contract for all of us. Currently we have Tentative Agreements on these articles, as

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The IBT takes a deeper dive into the organizing success of Local 2010…

CALIFORNIA LOVE: LOCAL 2010 BRINGS TEAMSTER ORGANIZING TO HIGHER ED 2021.08.02 By the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ Communications Staff When the Supreme Court handed down Janus V. AFSCME three years ago, many predicted that it would be a blow that the labor movement would never recover from. At the University of California

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Meet the Team Members Who Will Bargain Our First Teamsters Contract!

Congratulations to our new K3 Skilled Trades Teamsters Bargaining Team members! These are the UC Davis workers who will sit across from UC Davis administration to negotiate our wages, benefits and working conditions. We have been working toward gaining Union representation for many years and we finally have the opportunity

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