UC Irvine K9 Unit Skilled Trades Updates

Our UC Irvine K9 Skilled Trades Bargaining Team:

  • Brian Maloney, Campus Chief Steward, Electrician

  • Eric Kuder, Campus Steward, Fire and Safety Asst. Supervisor

  • Martin Hernandez, Campus Steward, CoGen Lead Operator

  • Roque Ramos, Campus, Plumber

  • Mike Tay, Health Steward, Maintenance Mechanic

  • Daniel Lobato, Health, Locksmith (Alternate) 

  • Tanya Akel, Teamsters Local 2010, Chief Negotiator

  • John Viera, Teamsters Local 2010, Union Representative

  • Alex Vermie, Teamsters Local 2010, Researcher

In Mourning, Teamsters Support Member Family in Need

Teamsters Local 2010 is very sad to announce that our brother Michael Martinez suffered major injuries in an early October motorcycle crash and succumbed to his injuries Dec. 4. Michael was a dedicated UC Irvine K9 Unit Skilled Trades Teamster since he started working at UCI in 2011. Michael was

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UC Irvine K9 Bargaining Unit Update – January 10, 2022

Bargaining Unit Update for UCI K9 January 10, 2022 Vaccine/Boosters Teamsters is still negotiating around issues relating to Covid, the booster as well as EPSL time.  Employees are allowed up to four hours to get the vaccine.  Talk with your manager to confirm.   Teamsters has proposed that employees be granted

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New Contract Ratified for UC Irvine Teamsters!

UC Irvine Teamsters Ratify New Contract! UCI Skilled Trades Teamsters won a powerful new contract this month, including substantial across-the-board wage increases, equity wage adjustments, language improvements, and a significant recognition bonus! Of those voting, 94.1% said YES to ratify the agreement, guaranteeing better wages and treatment from the University.

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UC Irvine Skilled Trades Bargaining Update Sep. 22, 2021

Teamsters Skilled Trades – Standing up for our Rights! In our first-ever UCI Skilled Trades picket line, we made a powerful statement this Tuesday with workers coming out to walk from all over UCI Campus. Steward Martin Hernandez said, “Teamsters, that was a good showing. I was proud of us.”

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UC Irvine Skilled Trades Bargaining Update Sep. 12, 2021

Wear it EVERY Wednesday! Hats, Masks, and T-Shirts! Last week, our Teamsters Skilled Trade bargaining team submitted our Vacation and Sick Leave proposals to UCI. We proposed that employees be able to use up to 60 days of sick leave for illness and disability (like non-rep employees) and 80 hours

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UC Irvine Skilled Trades Bargaining Update Aug. 30, 2021

Show Your Support for the Bargaining Team & WEAR IT ON WEDNESDAY Wednesday, Sept. 1 T-Shirt // Hat // Mask In bargaining last week, our Skilled Trades Bargaining Team addressed Training, Holidays, and Parking. The University responded to proposals on Grievance Procedure and Arbitration. Training We proposed that career employees be eligible

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UC Irvine Skilled Trades Bargaining Update Aug. 16, 2021

Skilled Craft workers wear the uniform and do the work! While we appreciate the digital shout out, it doesn’t pay the bills! What do we want? CONTRACT! When do we want it? NOW! On August 10, 2021, Teamsters 2010 Skilled Craft workers had heard enough at the table. We put

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UC Irvine Skilled Trades Bargaining Update July 26, 2021

Our bargaining team met with the University on July 20 and 22. We meet again July 27 and 29. Highlights include: Grievance Procedure Although Teamsters 2010 union members typically can work out our concerns without using the grievance procedure, bargaining team members proposed contract changes to expedite the grievance process.

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UC Irvine Skilled Trades Bargaining Update, July 13

No response from UCI on Teamsters’ 3% Wage Proposal  On June 9, 2021, our Teamsters’ Bargaining Team proposed that skilled trade employees receive a 3% wage increase, effective June 27, at the same time that policy-covered staff and other bargaining unit employees received increases. Although we are currently negotiating for

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UC Irvine Skilled Trades Bargaining Update, June 4

June Bargaining Update After having tentatively agreed to several articles on May 25, this past Wednesday, our respective teams got back down to business. UCI’s Management Team kicked off the day by proposing “No Change” to Articles 10, Promotions & Transfers, and Article 11, Out of Class Assignments, and changes 

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UC Irvine Skilled Trades Bargaining Update, May 27

Day 1 Bargaining Update Jason Rabinowitz kicked off our first bargaining session, stressing that UCI can and should recognize our contributions during the pandemic and provide Skilled Trades Workers with a fair wage increase. He pointed out that: UCI had significant reserves before the pandemic and received massive amount of federal

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