UC Santa Barbara K8 Skilled Trades Contract Negotiations

Our UCSB Skilled Trades Bargaining Team with Teamsters Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz, far right.

Our Teamsters Local 2010 UCSB Skilled Trades Bargaining Team

Chief Negotiator Tanya Akel, Teamsters 2010
Drew Scott, Teamsters 2010 Skilled Trades Director
Melina Lopez, electrician, Chief Steward
Andy Taff, painter

Eddy Melendez, carpenter
Danny Diaz, plumber
Mike Tosta, mechanic

Negotiated Raises Coming for K8 Teamsters!

Our 5% across-the-board Teamsters raise will appear on Skilled Trades workers’ paychecks starting August 2, according to UC representatives. Our annual raises are guaranteed because of our strong Teamsters contract. Thank you for standing together with our Bargaining Team and fellow members as we fought for essential pay for essential

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UCSB Teamsters Ratify Contract with 100% Voting Yes!

100% of K8 Teamsters Vote YES! Skilled Trades Teamsters at UC Santa Barbara UNANIMOUSLY voted to approve their first new collective bargaining agreement as Teamsters on April 1! By standing together and taking action as Teamsters, we won a strong contract with 11% raises this year and 26+% over the five

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Tentative Contract Agreement Reached for UCSB Teamsters!

Bargaining Team Reaches Tentative Contract Agreement With 26.4% in Raises Over 5 Years! In our first contract negotiated as Teamsters, UC Santa Barbara Skilled Trades workers have won significant salary increases and important language improvements! Through our displays of solidarity at the worksite, Skilled Trades workers moved the University to

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We take action for fair wages at UCSB!

Teamsters working together to ruffle feathers at UCSB! Just before our Bargaining Team passed our opening proposal for fair raises for essential workers, Skilled Trades Teamsters working at UC Santa Barbara came out in force Jan. 20 for an informational picket to show UCSB administration we will fight for the

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Contract Negotiations Begin – Finally!

After lengthy delays caused by management’s failure to respond to our multiple requests to schedule bargaining dates and an Unfair Labor Practice complaint filed by our team, negotiations finally began with UC Santa Barbara on Sept. 23-24 on a new contract for Skilled Trades workers. We presented management with a

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