CX Bargaining Team Candidate Statements

UC Berkeley

Kirsten Bottles Willer

I am excited to run to represent you on the bargaining committee! I am a Blank Assistant III (Program Coordinator) at the UC Berkeley Labor Center. I have worked at the university for two and a half years and I live in beautiful Oakland, CA.

I’m running for the bargaining team to fight for what you deserve in your contract. I don’t need to tell you that it’s been a tough two years. The University might say that it’s in a financial crisis, but you all know that they received plenty of funding from the state and federal government to continue its work – the work that you and your coworkers make possible. You keep the University functioning and support students, faculty, and other staff. You deserve to have a strong contract that recognizes these contributions and gives you the respect that you have earned from the University.

We need to achieve equity in compensation across the board. If you do the same work as someone, you deserve equal pay. I will fight for a contract article on pay equity, to make sure that you have clear language outlining what steps you can take if you find out a colleague is paid more than you. I will fight for library assistants to be paid equitably, in step with their higher paid, differently classified peers who work alongside library assistants doing the same work. As your bargaining team representative, I will fight for cost-of-living adjustments to reflect the fact you live in one of the most expensive areas in the country.

Throughout the pandemic, many of you have worked from home – sometimes working even more than you did at the office, expanding programs, coaching students, supporting research. I will work with the bargaining team to ensure that you retain the ability to work from home. The University has seen that you can work from home, and work well from home, and that fact must be reflected in our contract.

Ultimately, the contract is an opportunity to set the parameters of our working conditions and benefits. You have the power to decide what you and your coworkers want. As your bargaining representative, I will check in with you regularly through worksite meetings, to ensure that your voices and interests are faithfully represented at the table.

When we fight, we win – and I look forward to winning the best contract with you in 2022.

UC Los Angeles

Jackie Spears

Upon election to the CX bargaining team, my goal would be to promote more involvement from UCLA employees and make sure that our contracts suits the employees needs and wants. I would uphold in the utmost importance the needs of all union members, staff and delegates and take heed to the values that we all believe in: Loyalty, honesty and hard work. I will fight for better contracts and better management within the UC group. I have over 20 years with UCLA Health systems and have been with union for over 10 years. I will fight hard for all of US!

Ali Tweini

Dear UCLA Teamsters sisters and brothers: My name is Ali Tweini, a proud union member of Teamsters local 2010 and I’m asking for your vote to be on the bargaining team. It is extremely important for all of us UCLA Teamsters that we elect someone who will bring forward our collective issues and present them in an articulate and informed way. As a committed member of Teamsters Local 2010 for 11 years, I have become increasingly active, serving as a trustee since 2014, a picket captain during the 2016 strike, working on several committees, participating in actions, attending all General Membership Meetings, and being a trusted Departmental Steward. This active participation has allowed me to develop a deep appreciation of our collective strength, and to also understand where and how we need to improve. I plan on being a member-driven representative on the bargaining team and know that our bargaining power depends heavily on our ability to mobilize and listen to the members.

Being a Departmental Steward for several years has given me a practical understanding of how our collective agreement functions and directly impacts our experiences at UCLA. As Steward, I’ve helped represent several members in filing a variety of grievances and I have worked directly with members negatively affected by the administration’s constant reinterpretation of our collective agreement over the last few years. I also helped organize and mobilize members to take action on important issues that affect the well-being of the members at UCLA. I have also used my own experience as a proud unionist and a Teamster to articulate, in several meetings with faculty and administrators, the negative impact of unfair treatment and lack of representation in some areas and have challenged the administration to address the gaps in services and supports caused by the removal of union membership.

The importance of our collective agreement to all members at UCLA and all other campuses cannot be understated – it sets the bar for all unions across the UC system and all public sector employees across California. As a member of the bargaining team, I will take the responsibility of protecting and further improving our contracts very seriously and look forward to working closely with other members to establish our bargaining priorities. I believe that by working together in a transparent and inclusive manner, we can empower and protect the gains we’ve made while also forcing the administration to address its continued mistreatment of our members and other workers.

Stephanie Watts-Parrish

I have been employed at UCLA since June 2016 and I am a proud union steward in the Financial Clearance Unit at LAX. Currently, I am on leave working on Union Business with Teamsters Local 2010. I am also a Field Organizer for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters since July 2019. Organizing is now my life and I work to educate and empower workers to have a voice in their workplace. Power is unity and I firmly believe we must all come together and demand to work with dignity, respect, and earn a living wage. I ask for your support and your vote to be on the CX Bargaining Team 2022. I will be your voice and fight for you at the bargaining table.

UC Riverside / UCPath

Christy Brown Anderson

I have been nominated for the Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Team, which to me is an honor that colleagues thought me worthy of such an important role to represent the Teamsters members at UC Riverside​ and UCPath. 

I have been a union member since 1982, first while a State employee, and now at UCR since 2005, and a Union Steward for many years at both employers. In 2016, Eve Kent, our campus Union rep, asked me to be Chief Steward for UCR, which I have been ever since. As a steward, I have listened to and helped many members with workplace issues and represented members at grievance hearings with campus Labor Relations. I’ve been at our rallies and picket lines at UCR campus, at UCPath, and many other locations, and to Regents meetings and other unions’ actions, and have been on our Women’s Committee since 2018.

In 2015, I was elected to the Bargaining Team for our current 2017-2022 contract, which secured across-the-board annual pay raises and caps on parking fees and health insurance premiums, among other contract improvements. Proudly, we lead the way for other unions on campus to get similar raises and fee caps in their contracts as well. Our contract took over a year of effort, meeting almost every other week for several days at a time with UC. That was lots of time away from job responsibilities and family. Bargaining is a serious and time intensive process and we need a Bargaining Team member who will stay dedicated until a final contract is reached.

We need a Bargaining Team member who will listen to your ideas and concerns for a new contract. Do you have something you would like to see added to our contract, or some change to an existing article? Wage increase, range increase, step raises reinstated, telework (remote working), parking fees and employee portion of health insurance premiums held in check, educational development opportunities, respect in your workplace, retirement contribution and pension worries, or something else?  Share your ideas so they can be conveyed to the Bargaining Team before the team meets with the UC representatives next year. 

Voting takes place July 12th through July 23rd. Teamster members, please be sure to take a few minutes and cast your ballot.

Valerie Thompson

I have worked at the University of California, Riverside Early Childhood Services for 15 years now. I became an active union member in 2016 when the university decided that they would lay off several Teacher 1s and Teacher 2s at the center. We fought the university and won. We continued our fight when the former director was using bullying tactics with the parents and staff at the center, resulting in the director leaving UCR. Since then, ECS has been a more positive work environment for the teaching staff and a nurturing environment for the families in care.

I believe that I would make a good fit for the collective bargaining team because I work with various families affiliated with UCR and UC Path. I am currently the assistant chapter coordinator, as well as a union steward. I also had the opportunity to participate in the monthly meetings between the chancellor and various UCR unions during the pandemic. I heard the concerns first-hand and I understand the needs of the CX Union members. In addition, I would listen to any new concerns that our fellow CX Union members have and will make sure that our CX Union members are heard. Thank you for reading my statement and please allow me to represent UCR and UC Path CX Union members.   

Shannon Walsh

Hello My Friends and Colleagues of the Local Teamsters CX Union!

My name is Shannon Walsh and I am running to be your CX bargaining representative. I currently work at the UCPath Center in Riverside, CA in the Employee Services Department. My current role is an Employee Service Associate. I have been employed here for a little over 2 years.

I have been a CX Union Representative since January 2021 and I hear from all members across the state. I have been working closely with the Teamsters Union on several issues and have experience working with UCOP on these issues. I have a good understanding of all the common issues that all CX members face and am willing to listen to members to any specific issues for UCR and UCPath are heard at the big table. I truly appreciate your support and am looking for the opportunity to represent you.

UC Santa Cruz

Paulette Carney

I am an Administrative Assistant (Blank Assistant 3) / Enrollment Coordinator for our Title V campus Childcare and proud CX Teamsters member!

We were told nearly 4 years ago that our department is being outsourced and replaced by a for-profit organization that will eliminate our positions in childcare once the new childcare center is built. This floored me and I wanted to get involved to help protect this state-funded program that helps so many families on campus with subsidized childcare. I want our teachers (also CX employees) to continue serving our campus community doing what they love to do and what they are trained to do. Our teachers are educated, permitted and have requirements that exceed the privatized center’s requirements. Our staff depends on our health and welfare / pension with the University which is viable for living in the Santa Cruz area. We must protect jobs on campus’ as this is unacceptable.

Teamsters need a strong voice for the upcoming CX collective bargaining agreement with the University of California! I am committed to represent all members across the state and be a key voice for a fair contract with emphasis on increased wages for California workers, job security (no outsourcing) and improved job quality!

Fair labor standards are a must and fair treatment and equality for all is my mission! We must stand together in unity and preserve our future and fight for better contracts!

Vote for Paulette Carney‐UCSC and I promise I will not let you down! 

UC San Diego

Marissa Johnston

I’ve been working for UCSD for 18 years and I’ve been a Steward for about 15 years. I’ve helped our representative on grievances. I’m always there for our members anytime they need me. I feel I can be a good bargaining player for our team. I do know what our members want and I’m very familiar with the UCSD system.                

Katherine Weaver

I have been a Police Dispatcher on campus at UCSD for 10 years. My goal is to negotiate a contract that gives employees fair pay, benefits, and the treatment they deserve for their hard work.

UC San Francisco

Pricila Avila

I have been a UCSF dispatcher for 7 years. In my department, I am always the first to help my fellow coworkers when it comes to knowing and understanding your rights. I am a quick learner and eager to help everyone. I realize that the CX-Unit Contract is a contract for multiple different departments, and I will work hard to help every department individually, not just my own.

As a team, we can succeed but first I need your help, to help me help US! Vote for me!

Jamal Colter

I am the Chief Teamsters Steward and a Practice Coordinator at UCSF Primary Care. I am requesting your vote to be on the bargaining team to negotiate our new Teamster contract. I am and always will be a strong advocate for workers’ rights, and will not be intimidated or discouraged by any hardball tactics from UCSF. I believe in fair wages and compensation and will continue the fight for what is right. I will also make sure that workers are protected and are a priority for UCSF. The last year and a half has been very trying and challenging. Please vote for me to help insure that our Teamster future is bright.

Solomon Joseph

I am a Teamster member, a Teamster steward at UCSF Mount Zion Campus, and a Practice Coordinator 3. I am running for the bargaining team and request your support to help me be on the bargaining team. It is an absolute honor for me to represent my fellow Teamsters at the bargaining table for our better future at the University of California.

As a person of color and an immigrant, I have experienced inequality, nepotism and mistreatment by the bosses on multiple occasions at UCSF. I have first-hand experience of how manipulative and ruthless UC management can be, and I have successfully stood in front of them for myself and my fellow Teamsters to ensure we are protected on multiple occasions.

Equality is an essential pillar in contract negotiation, and I want to fight for all of you for a better contract that will bring equality to all Teamster members across the board. I will fight for the Teamsters members at the University of California.

Equal pay, respect, fair treatment, and inclusion is our right as we run the UC campuses by providing our best each day. Now is the time for all of us to stand together and demand our rights of equal pay, respect, fair treatment, inclusion, and better working conditions. I want to assure you that I will give my best to ensure that our Teamsters members get fair wages, protection, and fair treatment from UC management all the time.

I humbly request all of my Teamsters, sisters and brothers to please vote for me and allow me to represent all of you to win a better contract for you and with you in 2022. Please support me.