Catherine Cobb


Catherine Cobb is the President of Teamsters Local 2010 and has long stood for the fair and respectful treatment of our members in the workplace. Catherine has been on the front lines of countless actions and meetings fighting for our members and growing our Union into the powerhouse that it is today. At the bargaining table and the picket line, she has been key in winning strong contracts and building up our Union across the state. Coming from the membership, she knows firsthand the issues that our members face and the power in standing together in our Union.

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Letter from the President 

Dear Local 2010 Members,

Even as anti-worker lobbyists and lawyers attack our rights to stand together, we have doubled down on our ideals by standing together as Teamsters and fighting to protect our workplace rights.

This year alone, approximately 2,300 members have committed to becoming Teamster members and that number continues to grow. We held hundreds of meetings across UC and CSU to continue building our member power.

With our stewards and Union Representatives, we have won millions in back pay over the years for our membership and saved the jobs of countless of workers who were being unfairly discharged.

As income inequality grows and the gender pay gap persists, we know that the only solution is a Union. At Local 2010, our Union contract calls for fair wages and guarantees that women are given equal pay for equal work. We work to empower women in our Union, leading to leadership roles within their workplace and in our organization. Out of our over 250 stewards statewide, we are proud to say that almost two-thirds of them are women. More than half of our Local 2010 Executive Board are women.

As a testament to our power as Teamsters, we passed the first workplace anti-bullying/harassment legislation in the country. This legislation, AB 2053, was the first piece of legislation to define workplace abusive conduct/bullying and required all large employers to hold training for managers to identify and stop workplace abuse.

Today, we continue our fight to end workplace abuse and protect the rights, wages, and benefits of all our workers.