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Teamsters Life with Dues

It Pays to Be a Teamster!

Collective bargaining is not the only benefit of being a Teamster. Now, all Teamsters Local 2010 members are covered by the Teamsters Life with Dues benefit plan.

This program is provided to full dues-paying Teamsters Local 2010 members. The Teamsters Life with Dues benefit plan is a $5,000 life insurance plan that covers present members. All of this is at no extra cost to you.

You and your employer are not required to contribute to the plan. Contributions are made strictly by the Teamsters. These benefits cover you but are available only to Teamsters members.

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Union Plus Scholarship
Since 1991, the Union Plus Scholarship Program has awarded more than $4.3 million to students of working families who want to begin or continue their post-secondary education.

James R Hoffa Scholarship Fund
About James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund
James R. Hoffa became a Teamster member in 1934, served as General President for 14 years, and, in recognition of his tireless service to the union and its members, was honored as General President Emeritus for life. At the November 1999 General Executive Board meeting, then-General Secretary-Treasurer C. Thomas Keegel presented a resolution to establish the new scholarship fund.

Joint Council 7 Harry Polland/Bob Morales Scholarship Program 
Joint Council 7 is pleased to announce the Annual Teamsters Joint Council 7 Harry Polland/Bob Morales Scholarship Fund. This program will provide $1,000 to the child of one member in each of the following affiliated Local Unions: 70, 87, 137, 150, 287, 315, 350, 386, 431, 439, 517, 533, 601, 665, 853, 856, 890, 896, 912, 948, 2010, 2785, GCC-District Council 2.

John S. Lyons Foundation Scholarship
The John S. Lyons Foundation, known as the JOHNS, was founded 30 years ago in memory of the late Johnny Lyons, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters, Local 36 in San Diego. Each year the John Lyons Memorial Foundation issues scholarships to High School Seniors enrolled in San Diego & Imperial County schools.

California Teamsters Hispanic Caucus Scholarship
The California Teamsters Hispanic Caucus awards a scholarship to the children of active Teamsters who are graduating high school.

These scholarships are not accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year but may do so in future years:

Joint Council 42 Scholarship
Teamsters Joint Council 42 offers a number of financial awards for children of active Southern California Teamster members.

TNBC Southern California Chapter Scholarship
The Teamsters National Black Caucus - Southern California Chapter annual scholarship award.

Membership Discounts

Union Plus
Union Privilege is a nonprofit organization founded by the AFL-CIO in 1986 to provide excellent consumer Union Plus benefit programs exclusively to union members (current and retired) and their families.

Tickets at Work
Tickets at Work provides organizations of all sizes exclusive discounts on tickets and services.