CX Unit – ART. 20: No Strikes


A. During the term of this Agreement or any written extension thereof, the University agrees that there shall be no lockouts by the University. Teamsters Local 2010, on behalf of its officers and agents agrees that there shall be no strikes, stoppages or interruptions of work, or other concerted activities which interfere directly or indirectly with University operations during the life of this Agreement or any written extension thereof. Teamsters Local 2010, o n behalf of its officers and agents, agrees that it shall not in any way authorize, assist, sanction, condone or, participate in any activities, including sympathy strikes, in violation of this Article.

B. Any employee who violates this Article shall be subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment.

C. Teamsters Local 2010 shall immediately take whatever appropriate action is necessary to prevent and bring about an end to any concerted activity in violation of this Article. Such appropriate action shall include but not be limited to sending written notice to the home address of all employees engaged in prohibited activity informing them that the concerted activity is in violation of this Article, that engaging in such activity may lead to disciplinary action, and that the activity is prohibited. The prohibitions set forth in this article regarding participation in concerted activities do not apply to employees with respect to the use of their personal non – work time.

D. Nothing herein constitutes a waiver of the University’s right to seek appropriate legal relief in the event of a violation of this Article.

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