Honoring all workers and our Teamsters victories this May Day

International Workers’ Day, or May Day as it’s more commonly known, is a day to celebrate workers, Unions and labor movement victories like the weekend, overtime pay, job protections, collective bargaining, pension benefits, and protections against injury on the job. May 1 was chosen to celebrate workers in memory of the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886, and the Union leaders who gave their lives in the fight for the eight-hour workday.

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Teamsters at CSU Negotiate 256 Paid Hours for Non-Work Related COVID-19 Leave

Our Teamsters Bargaining Team for CSU workers have negotiated another round of leave benefits for members in order to maintain jobs and livelihoods. Teamsters working at CSU campuses throughout California will now have access to 256 additional paid leave hours through Dec. 31, 2021. The leave may be applied to qualifying leaves retroactively to Jan. 1, 2021.

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Teamsters Action Saves More Jobs

Layoffs were rescinded for three CSU Fullerton workers, as well as the most senior locksmith at CSU Sonoma due to Union Stewards and Representatives enforcing our Union contract this past

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Teamsters Stop Two Layoffs at SFSU

Our Fight to Protect Our Jobs Continues Teamsters Stewards and our Union representative worked together to file grievances due to the CSU not following our Union contract regarding layoff order

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Update on Fight Against Layoffs ​

Update on Teamsters Fight Against Layoffs Teamsters have been busy fighting layoffs on multiple fronts lately. Members are committed to making the UC keep workers whole through retention of jobs,

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LA Unions Food Distribution

COVID-19 has devastated our most vulnerable communities. To help union members in need, we are holding the biggest food bank in our history. Click here to register. About this Event:

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