Patient Navigator 2 Negotiations

Patient Navigator 2 Wage Negotiations

One hundred and thirteen Patient Navigator 2 workers at the University of California (UC) became part of the CX Unit of Teamsters in May of 2022. The newest members of Local 2010 in Oakland, California can now bargain for higher pay, reduced benefit costs, overtime pay, job security, and respect in the workplace. Workers in the title had been improperly classified and denied collective bargaining workplace protections for years by the UC. 

Teamsters 2010 petitioned the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) over the improper placement. On May 26, 2022, PERB agreed that Patient Navigator’s work shared a community of interest with the Teamsters Local 2010 CX Unit and issued a unit modification order accreting them into the CX bargaining unit alongside other Union-represented paraprofessional workers. Welcome to Teamsters Local 2010 — a Union of more than 15,000 administrative support staff and skilled trades workers in higher education across the State who are represented by Teamsters Local 2010.