Unit 6 – ART. 1: Recognition

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1.1 The trustees of the California State University do hereby recognize Teamsters Local 2010 as the sole and exclusive representative of all employees in Skilled Crafts Unit 6, whose classifications are set forth below:

Code  Class Title

6250  Facilities Worker I

6251   Facilities Worker II

6260  Facilities Control Specialist

6265  Facilities Project Supervisor

6269  Supervising Automotive/Equipment Mechanic

6270   Automotive/Equipment Mechanic

6280  Metal Worker I

6281   Metal Worker II

6474   Supervising Carpenter

6475   Lead Carpenter

6476   Carpenter

6477   Certified Carpenter Apprentice

6524   Supervising Painter

6525   Lead Painter

6526   Painter

6527   Certified Painter Apprentice

6532   Lead Electrician

6533   Electrician

6534   Supervising Electrician

6536   Certified Electrician Apprentice

6547   Supervising Plumber

6548   Lead Plumber

6549   Plumber

6550   Certified Plumber Apprentice

6575   Blacksmith

6585   Certified Metal Work Apprentice

6587   Supervising Metal Worker

6616   Mason

6641   Certified Locksmith Apprentice

6642   Locksmith

6643   Lead Locksmith

6644   Supervising Locksmith

6685   Power Plant Operator

6692   Certified Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Mechanic Apprentice

6699   Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Mechanic

6700   Supervising Building Service Engineer

6701   Certified Building Service Engineer Apprentice

6702   Building Service Engineer

6703   Operating Engineer

6704   Certified Operating Engineer Apprentice

6707   Lead Building Service Engineer

6837   Mechanics Helper

6838   Certified Automotive/Equipment Mechanic Apprentice

6852   Lead Automotive/Equipment Mechanic

6940   Facilities Maintenance Mechanic

6941   Farm Maintenance Mechanic

1.2          Old Classifications

The CSU and Teamsters Local 2010 agree that the classifications listed below are “old” and have been superseded by new classifications. The Parties agree that the below listed classification titles will not be used by any other bargaining unit to circumvent this Agreement:

  • Automobile Mechanic
  • Building Maintenance Worker
  • Fusion Welder
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  • Machinist
  • Materials Fabrication Specialist
  • Sheet Metal Worker
  • Skilled Laborer

1.3          The CSU agrees that Teamsters Local 2010 is the sole and exclusive bargaining representative for CSU employees in classifications listed in this Article performing Unit 6 work at any CSU facility.

1.4          Changes to the classification standards established for the classifications listed in Article 1.1 shall be subject to the meet and confer process pursuant to Article 20.8.

1.5          Within two months following the ratification of this Agreement, the parties agree to meet and confer in order to carry out a full review of all the classifications in Article 1.1 and consider whether or not to add or remove classifications in the Bargaining Unit. Where new classifications are to be added, the parties will negotiate the appropriate classification standards and other terms and conditions of appointment.