Unit 6 – ART. 4: Contracting Out



4.1        Normal bargaining unit work may include the maintenance, repair, remodel, minor renovations and minor construction of University facilities, where the Union represents employees who do the work, and does not include Major Capital Outlay Projects or work performed by or for separate, independent corporations or auxiliaries.


4.2          In addition to normal bargaining unit work, the following types of work may be assigned to bargaining unit employees:

a. Charge-back work;

b. Work funded from the following sources:

Minor capital projects

Minor capital—deferred maintenance projects

Minor capital—renewal projects

Minor capital – energy savings projects; and

c. Any other projects approved by campus facilities manager.

4.3        The University shall have the prerogative to contract work. The University shall make every reasonable effort to perform normal Bargaining Unit work in-house, within the limitations and requirements imposed by law. The Campus shall consider the following factors before contracting out the work:

a. The availability for Bargaining Unit employees to perform the work to be contracted out;

b. Whether the available Bargaining Unit employees have the special skills and licensures to perform the project;

c. Whether or not the work could be completed within time constraints applicable to the project;

d. The availability of required materials and/or equipment necessary to complete the project; and/or

e. The cost involved in performing the work in-house versus contracting out that work.

4.4        The Chief Campus Steward, or designee, on each Campus shall be notified of contracts pertaining to normal Bargaining Unit 6 work at the Campus.  Circumstances permitting, such notifications shall be prior to the start of such contracted work.

4.5        To meet this notice obligation under 4.4 upon mutual agreement between Plant Administration and Teamsters Local 2010, the Chief Steward, or designee for the appropriate trade, on each Campus may attend the weekly, bi weekly or monthly meetings of the Shop Supervisors to review all normal bargaining unit work projects pending on each Campus.