Dispatchers Stand Up for Worker & Campus Safety

UC Police dispatchers, members of Teamsters Local 2010, addressed the UC Regents on Wednesday, September 26, to demand that UC honor its commitment to bargain with the Union to address safety concerns caused by extreme understaffing.

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“I am here with our Teamster dispatchers to call on the University to live up to its commitments to its workers and campus safety,” said Catherine Cobb, Teamsters Local 2010 President. “These men and women are tasked with the crucial work of taking emergency calls from students, faculty, and others on the UC campuses.”

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“Our Teamster dispatchers work hard to keep our campuses safe every day,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 2010. “Today we are standing together to demand that UC bargain in good faith to make sure our members are properly staffed and supported.”

Campuses are so understaffed that many of our dispatchers go without breaks, lunch, and even work up to 20 days without a day off. All dispatchers are expected to pick up overtime regularly, impacting their personal life and their families.

Stephen McBride, a 10-year UC Davis dispatcher and the sole provider for his family, spoke to how issues with pay and staffing have affected him and his family. “It was a big morale crusher to learn that the University didn’t value what we did enough to give us the raises that we deserved,” said Stephen. “I often have to struggle to find a good work-life balance with the needs of my department and the needs of my big family at home.”

Our members also spoke to the incredible strain staffing issues place on their day-to-day work and their ability to help ensure campus safety.

“In the last month, I and my colleagues have worked at least 18 consecutive days to ensure adequate staffing for the safety of our officers and the UCLA community,” said Lori Hancock, UCLA Dispatcher. “This is too much to ask of any employee, especially for those who have the well-being of others in their hands.”

Many of our members have also reported health issues such as fainting, panic attacks, and heart problems due to workplace stress. The University agreed to bargain with the Union to address these issues, but later reneged on its promise.  Local 2010 has filed charges against UC for its unfair labor practices.