Teamster Steps bill headed to the Governor’s desk!

Teamster Steps Bill Passes the Legislature!

Rally Sept. 12 and Urge Gov. Newsom to Sign SB 410!

Our Teamsters bill to restore step increases has been passed by the California State Legislature. Join Teamsters members and our sister Unions from around the state as we rally in Sacramento September 12 to urge Gov. Newsom to stand with workers and sign SB 410!

The bill, co-sponsored by Teamsters and CSUEU, passed out of the Senate yesterday afternoon with 26 votes, well above the minimum required number of 21. With the approval of both the Assembly and the Senate, the bill now moves to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk for his signature.

We need Governor Newsom to see our power and dedication as workers!

Join us on September 12 in Sacramento as we rally at the State Capitol for the Governor’s signature on SB 410! All CSU Teamsters members and supporters should join.

"Teamsters urge Gov. Newsom to stand with workers and sign SB 410. Essential Teamsters at CSU have been on the frontlines keeping the University running through the pandemic, and we are tired of being treated unfairly as the only workers in state service who do not receive step increases. Gov. Newson, we have waited long enough, the time to restore fairness at CSU is now: Sign SB 410!"

Transportation and meals will be provided by Teamsters Local 2010.

If signed by the Governor, SB 410 will require the CSU to implement a salary step structure for each staff bargaining unit as soon as that bargaining unit reaches its first Memorandum of Understanding or Collective Bargaining Agreement with the CSU following January 1, 2023.

If you have any questions about the bill or about our Sept. 12 Rally in Sacramento, please contact your Union Representative.