Voting Begins Friday to Ratify Powerful CX Unit Teamsters TA

After nearly a year of bargaining and members taking action across the state, our elected Bargaining Team secured a tentative agreement (TA) with the University on our CX unit successor contract that’s the strongest contract in our history.

The TA includes guaranteed across-the-board (ATB) raises, annual step increases that are NOT based on merit/performance, ratification AND longevity lump sums, new language on bilingual pay at medical centers, and major gains on overtime and various other areas. These wins are not something that were given to us; they are the result of our worksite and online actions such as sending letters to UC leadership, speaking at Regents meetings, and rallying on campuses and outside the medical centers and various other locations .

Now that we have secured this historic TA, it is time for all our members to make their voices heard and vote to ratify this successor contract. Our CX Bargaining Team unanimously endorses a YES vote on this TA to lock in the substantial raises and other pay and benefits we have won because of our nearly year-long contract campaign.

Voting Begins Friday, October 7, and ends Thursday, October 20 at 2:00 PM.

Just as it was critical for members to turn out and stand united during the contract campaign, it is important to again show our strength and unity to the University by voting YES on our new contract in large numbers.

When we stand together and fight as Teamsters, we win!

Only current Union members may vote on this historic agreement.