Teamsters Demand Salary Steps During First Bargaining Session with CSU

Our elected Teamsters Bargaining Team met with the CSU Tuesday, Jan. 17 and 18 to kick off negotiations for our next collective bargaining agreement and wasted no time in clearly outlining our top priority: salary steps.

Our proposal states, “…the University shall implement a nine-step salary system for Unit 6 members that runs for 15 years, consistent with the findings and recommendations of the salary study authorized and completed for represented California State University nonfaculty staff employees…” Skilled Trades workers would be placed on the steps according to the number of years they have worked for the CSU.

“Restoring step increases and winning fair pay is our top priority in these negotiations,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Chief Negotiator and Teamsters Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer. “Members have been working hard and sacrificing to keep CSU running, and we are fed up with CSU treating us unfairly.

“Just as the nearly 50,000 UC workers who went out on strike last year, Teamsters and the other CSU Unions are ready to do whatever it takes to win the fair raises we deserve,” Rabinowitz said.

The proposal would broadly implement the recommendations of the salary study commissioned by the California Legislature in 2022, and these step raises would be in addition to general salary increases (GSI), and any other increases provided under our collective bargaining agreement, University policy, or applicable law.

“We’ve tried everything we know how to do in the past five or six years and CSU workers still don’t have pay steps,” said Drew Scott, Teamsters 2010 Skilled Trades Director and a Facilities Controls Specialist at Fresno State University. “The State and CSU need to work out how to pay for these salary steps.”

Our Teamsters Bargaining Team members (left to right): Tanya Akel, Jose Fuentes, Carlos Sanchez, Ernesto Torres, Matthew Mason, Christopher T. Rooney, Drew Scott, Jason Rabinowitz, Aaron Flores, Alex Vermie