Teamsters Unit 6 Team Slams CSU’s Low Pay, Disrespect

During our most recent bargaining session May 11-12, our Teamsters Unit 6 Bargaining Team again countered CSU’s lowball, takeaway salary proposal, and made a presentation establishing just how much the CSU underpays relative to one of their main competitors, the University of California (UC) system.

The presentation compared wages paid to journey level trades at the CSU to wages the Teamsters and other Unions have won at UC campuses in the same county and found that the CSU underpaid certain titles more than 70% on average in a few cases. Overall, we found that the CSU’s journey level pay fell behind the UC campuses in the same county by an average of 23.6%.

This data, on top of the fact that CSU is proposing that our members lose ground to inflation and wants massive takeaways with no general salary increases or step increases, illustrates how important it is that we take action to demand that CSU bargain in good faith.

In our counter proposal on the salary article, given that CSU made no movement whatsoever on the actual economics in their last proposal, we did not make any movement on General Salary Increases (GSIs) or our step proposal in terms of the economics. CSU has indicated that they have another concept they would like to present on the salary article and we have made clear that we expect them to make actual economic movement and be fair with our essential Unit 6 workers.

“Workers are fed up with being underpaid and unappreciated by CSU. We demand that CSU stop the lowball offers and bad faith bargaining, and come to the table with serious proposals. Teamsters are ready to do whatever it takes to win the fair contract we deserve. “

With CSU continuing to disrespect our essential work and sacrifices during the pandemic, please sign our petition calling on the CSU Board of Trustees to direct the CSU Chancellor’s Office to bargain fair raises and step increases. The CSU Trustees have a responsibility as leaders of the CSU system to address this growing crisis and it is past time they did so.