Tentative Contract Agreement Reached for UCSB Teamsters!

Bargaining Team Reaches Tentative Contract Agreement With 26.4% in Raises Over 5 Years!

In our first contract negotiated as Teamsters, UC Santa Barbara Skilled Trades workers have won significant salary increases and important language improvements!

Through our displays of solidarity at the worksite, Skilled Trades workers moved the University to a Tentative Agreement that will increase wages and protect all K8 Unit workers. Ending a difficult fight that began with COVID-19 and threats of layoffs, we, as Teamsters, pushed the University to a guaranteed 26.4% compounded salary increase over five years!

  • $1,500 Lump Sum on Ratification
  • 11.3% Compounded Increase by July 2022
  • 26.4% Compounded Wage Increases Over 5-Year Agreement

Our elected K8 Unit Bargaining Team unanimously recommends a YES vote on this Tentative Agreement reached with the University of California on March 10, 2022.

Skilled Trades Teamsters at UCSB protest unfair pay at our January action!

Highlights of the Tentative Agreement:


• Provides $1,500 Lump Sum payment upon ratification for all employees on pay status or an approved leave and in the K8 Bargaining Unit on the effective date of the increase and the date of payout.
• Guarantees a 11.3% compounded increase for all unit employees by July 2022
• Guarantees a 26.4% compounded increase over the five-years of the agreement.


• Requires UC to provide progressive discipline before terminating an employee, except for severe misconduct.
• Protects our right to join together and take action as Teamsters to improve conditions.
• Honors our Teamster Member Power Form.
• Our Union has the right to meet with new hires for 30-minutes at New Employee Orientation, to discuss the pension and other union issues.


• Maintains a guaranteed defined-benefit pension plan for all current and future employees.
• New employees will have a choice between a defined-benefit pension or a defined-contribution retirement plan.
• Ensures continued affordability of coverage by adjusting Pay Bands with inflation.
• Maintains current medical plan options and benefit levels.


• Specifies that employees be paid in a minimum increment of one hour of their hourly rate when contacted off work hours to provide telephone or virtual remote support for the initial call. The employee shall be paid for actual time worked in one-hour increments for subsequent calls.
• Increases the rate of pay for overtime meals to $20.00 from $7.50 for dinner, and to $19.75 from $7.25 for lunch.


• Requires vacancies and promotional opportunities for the K8 Bargaining Unit to be emailed to each union steward for distribution and posting.
• Promotions will be done by Bargaining Unit seniority in those cases when qualifications are essentially equal.
• The University shall seek the input of Bargaining Unit employees from the trade being recruited and include Bargaining Unit employees on the interview panel.
• Provides for paid time off for job interviews at UC Santa Barbara.


• Adds Pay for Family Care and Bonding which is a 70% income replacement option for up to eight work-weeks per calendar year for employees taking FML for parental bonding or to care for a family member.
• Adds grandparent, grandchild, or sibling to the entitlement to protected time off to care for a family member with a serious health condition.


• Provides that the University will make reasonable efforts to perform unit work in-house.
• Allows Union stewards to attend pre-bid conference planning meetings.
• Ensures that bargaining unit employees shall not be demoted or laid off because of contracted-out work.


• Increases reimbursement for protective shoes from $225 to $300 per year.
• Increases the clothing allowance for purchase, replacement, and laundering costs from $150 per year to $200.

On April 1, 2022, from 12 noon to 2:00 PM, you will have a chance to vote on this Tentative Agreement and meet with Teamsters 2010 Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz and our Bargaining Team to have any questions answered during an extended paid lunch period. Location to follow.

Remember, only paid Teamsters members can vote. If you are not yet a member, begin the application process by clicking here. Applications will also be available during the April 1 membership and ratification lunch, where you can sign up for full membership before you vote.

In Unity,
Our Teamsters Local 2010 UCSB Skilled Trades Bargaining Team:
Chief Negotiator Tanya Akel, Teamsters 2010
Drew Scott, Teamsters 2010
Melina Lopez, Chief Steward
Andy Taff
Eddy Melendez
Danny Diaz
Mike Tosta