Hundreds Take to the Streets at UCLA

Hundreds Take to the Streets at UCLA

Over 300 UC workers rallied at the UCLA Medical Plaza buildings on Tuesday, October 17, 2016 protesting hunger at UC and demanding wage justice for the Skilled Trade workers and support staff at UCLA.

“The University of California should be the driving force for economic growth,” said Teamsters Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz. “Instead, it holds down the wages of its hardest workers.  It is time for UC to do their part and pay workers enough to live.”

The protest comes the day after the results of an Occidental College study showed that seven in ten UC clerical, administrative, and support staff are food insecure with 45% of workers going hungry due to lack of resources.

UCLA Skilled Trades workers have gone over four years without a raise and have seen their take home pay go down 10% over the last eight years.  To make matters worse, the UC shows no signs of remedy as they continue to bargain in bad faith through unfair labor practices such as the refusal to bargain retro pay, delays in negotiations, termination of Union activists, and interference with protected Union rights.

Huge thanks go out to the hundreds of Teamsters that participated in our rally.  This is only one step in our fight for fair wages for all our members.  When we stand together, we win together.