New Teamster ESA’s Win Raises!

After months of bargaining and formal mediation, we are proud to announce that our bargaining team successfully negotiated a $750 lump sum payment for our Employee Service Associates (ESA’s) at the UCPath Center along with raises resulting from favorable placement on an improved salary schedule.

The ESA’s are newer CX-Unit Teamsters who were accreted into our bargaining unit March 1, 2018. As is far too common at UC, they were misclassified as Customer Service Representatives outside of our Union despite doing CX-Unit work. We had to file a petition to accrete the group and bring them in to our unit. This victory for our ESA’s speaks to the importance of our efforts to defend CX-Unit work and hold UC accountable for misclassifying our work.

Salary Agreement Summary:

  1. Lump Sum of $750 to the ESA’s that were working on the date the group was accreted into the CX unit (March 1st, 2018) and who remain in the unit on the date of payout (on or before June 1, 2019). This would impact 10 ESA’s.
  2. Placement on the salary scale to the next closest and higher Step to current salary.
  3. Wage increases shall be effective retroactively to the first pay period of January 2018.
  4. All ESA’s will also be eligible for all future Teamsters Local 2010 raises negotiated in the contract, including the July 2019 raise.

Congratulations to the Teamsters Local 2010 bargaining team committee. This victory was years in the making and we want to thank everyone involved for their hard work and in particular thank all of our ESA’s for standing strong in our Union through this whole process. We look forward to continuing to work with our ESA’s to ensure they are treated fairly and with respect by UC.