Congratulations on Your Upcoming Teamster Raise!

Teamsters Local 2010 represented workers in the CX Unit at all UC campuses statewide — as well as Skilled Trades workers at UCLA and UC San Diego — will see a 3 percent pay raise reflected in the July 22 paycheck. This raise is guaranteed by our Teamsters Local 2010 collective bargaining agreement with the University of California.

While the raise is effective starting with the June 28 payroll period, pay rates may not be immediately visible on the UCPath portal. However, the new rate will be used for all hours worked in the pay period.

Although the UC has currently frozen salary increases for non-represented employees, our represented Teamsters are still guaranteed the 3 percent wage increase because of our legally-binding collective bargaining agreements.

Please check your upcoming paystub to ensure that you received your 3 percent raise. If not, contact your Union Representative right away.

Our fight now is to prevent the UC from making workers bear the brunt of coronavirus-related losses through layoffs or pay/benefits cuts. Let’s all work together as Teamster members to protect our hard-earned pay, benefits and rights at work!