Tell your Legislators! Fund CSU Salaries!

Last year, Teamsters Local 2010 partnered with CSU, CSUEU, APC, and other CSU union groups and successfully lobbied the state Legislature to authorize and fund a comprehensive salary study of non-faculty staff. The purpose was to expose CSU’s unfair and inadequate pay policies and urge the legislature to provide adequate funding to correct the inequities.

The study is now complete and its findings clear:

  • Wages are stagnant due to the lack of a step structure
  • Salary inversion⁠—where new hires receive higher pay than existing staff⁠—is rampant
  • Staff salaries are well behind the market rate

The study recommends various improvements in the CSU pay structure, including a 9-step salary system to help support wage growth and a living wage for non-faculty staff. If these recommendations are funded and implemented, it will result in significant and well-deserved increases for Teamster members.

Teamsters Local 2010 and our sister Unions are pushing Governor Newsom and the state Legislature to fund salary structure reform at the CSU, as recommended by this report, and ask that the state increase the University budget by $287 million for this purpose.

We need every Teamster member to take action!

Send an email to your legislators today to urge the state to fund the recommendations of the study. An investment in CSU employees is an investment in our future!

Teamsters 2010 and our sister Unions are fighting to reverse decades of unfair pay practices at CSU. The legislature and the Governor need to step up and support the workers who are keeping California running. We need every Teamster to take action and make our voices heard!