Vote in our UCSD Campus Steward Election by Thursday at 5:00 PM

Teamsters 2010 K6 Skilled Trades received three Union Steward nominations (for two open positions) at UCSD Campus. The electronic Union steward election will open on Tuesday, December 13 at 6:00 AM and close on Thursday, December 15 at 5:00 PM. Members will receive an electronic ballot at their UCSD work email account. All Campus Teamsters will be asked to vote for two stewards. If you do not receive an electronic email ballot, please contact Union Rep Michael Sherritt immediately at and he will send you an electronic ballot replacement.

If you vote for me to be Shop Steward my biggest priorities will be making sure that all information regarding our contract, job openings, or news that applies to us as UCSD Trades Workers will get to you ASAP, and that any questions you have about those topics will be answered. I want us all to get the most out of our union dues.

I attended the Teamsters Steward Training in Fall 2019 and plan on attending again the next time it is available.

Ashton Ivey

Teamsters Local 2010/FM Electrician

858-226-1606 (I’ll set up a non UCSD email if I get elected)

Hello fellow Teamsters, my name is Scott Reid (HDH/FBS Carpenter 1) and I am running as a nominee to represent you as your next UCSD Teamster Union Steward. Since the beginning of my employment at UCSD, I have been a very active, participating Union member and have completed the Teamsters Advanced Stewards Training courses two years in a row (2021/2022), equipping me with the knowledge and tools to be a successful Teamsters Union Steward. I have fought hard against unjust practices from UC Superintendents and UC Management to ensure that our contract is applied fairly and accurately. I am seeking your vote in the upcoming election to allow me to represent you as your next UCSD Teamster Union Steward and together we will stand STRONG and stand UNITED. God Bless Teamsters!

Local 2010 Teamster/HDH Carpenter 1


I hope to be of service to my fellow union members. I will make sure all members are treated equally and defended equally. Please never hesitate to reach out to me for help.

Teamsters Local 2010/FM Systems Operator

C: (858) 275-0904