Teamsters demand fair COLA and step raises for PN2s!

Big news! During our last bargaining session, we came to a tentative agreement (TA) with UCLA on wages and the UC agreed to shift differential for all campuses! This progress is still subject to an overall tentative agreement for all locations then ratification by the members.

However, the University also came back with a revised proposal with most wage proposals shifted up a mere 2%. Our Union Bargaining Team considered this and made a counter-proposal. Unfortunately, the University has brought negotiations to a standstill by refusing to make any further movement on wages and additional step increases for the remaining locations.

Our Union has the following issues with the university’s proposal:

Insufficient Wage Proposals

Despite the concerns our Union raised, the University’s wage proposals are still insufficient. Although some campuses offered reasonable step structures (like UCLA), most did not. At UC Davis, for example, the University still proposes a cap that red circles at least eight employees who will never receive a step increase, despite this fact being brought to their attention.

Additionally, the University’s proposed cap is still about 10% less than the previously established scale maximum of $36/hr. These wage proposals are simply disrespectful of the valuable service that we provide to UC Health patients.

Retroactive Shift Differentials

Although the University has agreed to shift differential in accordance with select sections of the CX contract, our Union has proposed that shift differential be retroactive to at least the date that the CX contract became effective October 2022, if not the date of accretion of the title in May 2022. If the differential is retroactive, at least to the date of ratification, then the shift differential proposal would be fully aligned with the CX contract.

The University argued that the day the University implements the shift differential (up to 90 days after ratification) into the payroll system is when the differential should apply. The University struggled to admit that it is unfair for some employees to not receive differential while accreted under this CX contract, when they have been working alongside coworkers doing the same type of work at the same undesirable hours as employees who are receiving shift differential.

Join our next Bargaining Update Town Hall! Zoom meetings will be hosted at 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM on February 10. Check your email for links to join.

Step Increases

The University still refuses to include even a single step increase in their proposal, despite our Union’s revision to one step increase. Historically, newly accreted titles get at least one step increase in their title-specific contract. Although better than the 4.5% increase that non-represented workers received, the 6% cost-of-living allowance does not account for the actual increase in the cost of living (which is 7%) nor does it reflect any gain from increased work experience. The University is tightening its iron fist around this measly 2% step increase, despite its multibillion-dollar budget.

Unfortunately, the UC doesn’t realize we know our own worth. Let’s help give the UC an opportunity to show us they appreciate our work by paying us fairly. Please sign this petition concerning shift differential and join us for our next Zoom Town Hall Meeting to discuss your experience, opinions and questions concerning bargaining, as well as the next steps in action: