Teamsters are STRIKE READY at the CSU!

Read Skilled Trades Director Drew Scott's Op-Ed in The Fresno Bee on the crisis at CSU

Drew Scott, our Teamsters Local 2010 Skilled Trades Director and a Facilities Control Specialist at Fresno State, is just like every other CSU Skilled Trades worker: He’s tired of waiting for CSU to fix the critically low pay that has affected CSU support staff for 30 years. That’s why he submitted an op-ed to The Fresno Bee this week, calling on the CSU to do right by essential workers.

60,000 CSU support staff, including 1,100 CSU Teamsters have had enough. If CSU does not begin bargaining in good faith to raise staff salaries, we’re ready to strike.

"Teamsters take pride in what we do, and we’re good at it. We deserve a fair contract. The Legislature must give CSU the budget it needs to pay workers fairly, and CSU must get serious at the bargaining table. If CSU and elected officials don’t act, don’t be surprised to see 60,000 CSU workers on the picket line."
Drew Scott
Skilled Trades Director

Our Summer of Solidarity with our fellow CSU Unions continued in Long Beach last week, as more than 500 workers from every CSU Union rallied outside the Trustees meeting for the pay we deserve!

Check out photos from the rally below, and join our next rally at the September Trustees meeting!