K4 Unit – ART. 13: Uniforms, Tools & Equipment


A. Uniforms

Uniforms are attire, excluding shoes, which are worn for the purpose of ready visual identification of personnel. The University shall have t he sole discretion to determine who shall wear a uniform and the conditions under which it must be worn. The University shall continue to provide uniforms to employees covered by this Agreement where it currently provides such attire. If uniforms are required, the University shall provide and maintain clothing for each employee in accordance with current departmental practice. Bargaining unit employees who are not regularly as signed to the UCLA Health System but who m ay be assigned to work at those locations f rom time to time will not be required to wear t he uniforms provided by the UCLA Health System. If a department decides to change current departmental practice during the life of this Agreement or any extension thereof, t he University will notify the Union and the parties agree to meet and confer on the subject of uniforms. Uniforms will comply with OSHA regulations where appropriate. Where current uniforms may not comply with OSHA regulations, the parties agree to a transition period allowing the University to phase out the non-compliant uniforms.

B. Laundering

If laundering is the responsibility of each such employee, the employee will be reimbursed $40.00 quarterly for such costs.

C. Tools

The University shall provide to each bargaining unit employee the tools and equipment required to perform his/her assigned duties and shall maintain check- lists of the tools and equipment so provided. Broken tools and equipment shall be returned to the employee’s supervisor and the University will provide the employee with replacement tools, as appropriate, within a reasonable period of time. The University may require an employee to reimburse the University for any tools and equipment lost while such are assigned to/provided to that employee and at the time of his/her separation from employment.