K4 Unit – ART. 29: Safety Committee


A. Joint Labor-Management Safety Committee

The University and the Union will establish a joint Labor-Management Safety Committee for the skilled crafts unit. Said committee will discuss the implementation of safety regulations and safety training and make recommendations to the University regarding such matters and such other issues as the parties shall mutually agree to. When recommendations of the Safety Committee are adopted and/or implemented by the University, or any of its departments, they shall be distributed to the affected bargaining unit employees and their supervisors or managers.

B. Composition of Committee

The Committee shall be composed of no more than five (5) bargaining unit employees, two (2) non-employee Teamsters Local 2010 staff representatives and no more than eight (8) University representatives. The eighth University representative, if any, shall be a non-participating facilitator. Upon mutual agreement, each party may include additional representatives at the meetings of the Committee.

C. Meetings of Committee

The Committee shall meet quarterly unless otherwise agreed to by the parties. The procedures by which the Committee operates and the agenda items to be discussed shall be determined by mutual agreement of the parties. Public Records documents, including but not limited to Cal OSHA 300 Logs, shall be available to Committee members, upon request.