K8-Unit – ART. 40: Payroll Deductions

ARTICLE 40. Payroll Deductions

A. General Conditions

Upon notice from Teamsters Local 2010 that an employee in the UCSB Skilled Crafts Bargaining Unit has authorized the deduction of Union membership dues or voluntary fair share fees, the University will deduct 1.44% of an individual employee’s base wages from the authorizing employee’s payroll and remit that amount to Teamsters Local 2010. The University shall update the appropriate programming and payroll status to reflect authorization to full member in a timely manner. Deductions must start the pay period after the University receives notification of the authorization.

The amount of dues or voluntary fair share fees deducted from an employee’s paycheck will be calculated by the University on the basis of information provided by the Union, in writing, concerning its dues or voluntary fair share fees structure.

The Union agrees to reimburse the University for all reasonable costs actually incurred by the University as a result of changes made by the Union in the structure or method of calculations of the Union’s dues or voluntary fair share fees during the term of this Agreement.

The Union agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the University harmless against any claim made of any nature and against any suit instituted from the University’s payroll deductions pursuant to this Article and from liability for any errors in withholding or transmitting dues or voluntary fair share fees except for liability to the Union for monies actually withheld, but not transmitted. The Union further agrees to refund to the University any overpayment of money made to the Union pursuant to this Article through error or oversight on the part of the University.

The University agrees to monthly remit to the Union for all authorized deductions covered by this agreement. The cost of processing the check shall be Ten Dollars ($10.00). In addition, the University will charge the Union an administrative fee of seven cents ($0.07) that covers reporting and calculation functions for each employee with in unit earnings.

If the University fails to make authorized deductions of authorized union deductions or any part thereof, or fails to remit to Teamsters Local 2010 such authorized union deductions or any portion thereof, or erroneously withholds deductions or any part thereof, the University shall correct the errors. The University shall refund to Teamsters Local 2010 any deductions it has erroneously failed to remit. From the time Teamsters Local 2010 notifies the University in writing of any such errors, the University shall have 45 calendar days to make the corrections. If after 45 calendar days the University does not make the agreed-upon corrections and Teamsters Local 2010 incurs direct costs, the University will reimburse Teamsters Local 2010 for reasonable, documented costs incurred to make corrections for only University errors. If there is not agreement on the correction or the costs, Teamsters Local 2010 may grieve the matter only as a union grievance. It is expressly understood and agreed that Teamsters Local 2010 shall refund to the employee any deductions erroneously withheld from the employee’s wages by the University and paid to Teamsters Local 2010.

B. Cancellation of Deductions
Individual requests to cancel payroll deduction shall be directed to Teamsters Local 2010. The authorization for dues deduction shall remain in full force and effect until Teamsters Local 2010 informs the University that an employee has rescinded their authorization for payroll deduction pursuant to the terms of their authorization.

C. Agency Shop Fee
The Parties agree to reopen this Article for the purpose of bargaining over payroll deduction of Union dues and fair share fees in the event there is a change in the law regarding payroll deduction of Union dues and fair share fees.

D. Political Contribution Program- DRIVE.
Dues paying members in the UC Santa Barbara Skilled Craft Bargaining Unit are eligible to participate in the voluntary deduction for DRIVE, a Teamsters Local 2010 political contribution program. This deduction is an ongoing deduction and not a one-time deduction. The Union will notify the University when a dues paying member volunteers to participate in this program, with a signed authorization form executed by the employee. The authorization for participation is between the Union and the member. The University will refer members to the Union for questions regarding this voluntary deduction.

E. Severability
In the event that the agency fee or “fair share” provisions of the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (amendments to HEERA by SB 645, 1999) are declared invalid or void by statute or judicial decision, the parties agree that the understandings codified in this Article regarding agency fees will be null and void. It is the express intention of the parties that all other provisions of this Article not declared invalid or void shall remain in full force and effect.