Who is Teamster Strong?

Who is Teamster Strong?

Worksites Honored for being Teamster Strong
In our journey to build member power, we have signed up thousands of new members, changing the dynamics at UC.  Some departments have shown the way by exceeding 90% membership, or even reaching 100% and can call themselves Teamster Strong.We are pleased to honor UCLA and UCSC Early Childhood Education, UC Davis Medical Records Building, UCI PBG, and UC Berkeley Parking and Transportation for being Teamster Strong.

Across the state, Teamsters Local 2010 has been honoring our Teamster Strong workplaces with a fun-filled lunch where they celebrate their achievement and discuss the power of Union membership and the difference it has made to their work and their daily life.

“We have come a long way to feel as comfortable as we do today,” said Valeska Pennington, UCI Chapter Coordinator.  “Here at PBG, we’ve bridged our differences and developed a productive relationship with management. It would not have happened without our membership and the support, empowerment, and guidance of our Teamsters Union and leadership.”

“The biggest difference I see now is that our members are more empowered than ever because they know they are not alone,” said Rocio Richards, UC Davis Chapter Coordinator.  “Our members really see the strength in the Union.”

“A Teamster Strong workplace is a better place to work because everyone stands together and takes care of each other,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer. “Management knows they have to treat us with respect because we have real power.  The more Teamster Strong workplaces we have, the more power we will have to win fair raises in bargaining.”

Congratulations to all the incredible members whose hard work is nothing short of inspirational.

Make your worksite Teamster Strong by signing up your colleagues as full members and make sure you are signed up as well.  When we stand together, we win together.