Teamsters Protest Layoffs at UCLA

Teamsters Protest Layoffs at UCLA

Teamster members and other UCLA workers rallied outside the UC Regents meeting on Wednesday, March 14 protesting the recent plans to eliminate 25% of the workforce at UCLA Extension (UNEX) by Dean Wayne Smutz hurting hundreds of workers and their families.

“This is devastating,” said Teresa Velez, 20-year employee at UCLA Extension. “Many of us are the head of our household with children and families depending on us.”

Velez and Local 2010 President Catherine Cobb addressed the Board calling for leadership to hold Dean Smutz accountable.

“It is shameful for the University to punish workers for Management’s poor leadership,” said Catherine.  “We must hold UCLA’s administration accountable for their lack of oversight and not penalize the workers who dedicate their lives to the students.”

According to workers, Dean Smutz has had a history of mismanagement such as reckless spending on high-priced consulting firms and an internal service system whose malfunctions, coupled with student fee hikes, have caused a drop in enrollment at UCLA Extension.

The workers of University Extension deserve better from the University.  We will continue to fight for the workers at UNEX whose work helps students attain their dream of graduating and brings education to the broader Los Angeles community.