Congratulations LBNL Members

Effective October 1, Teamsters Local 2010 members in LBNL will receive a 3% across-the-board salary increase, totaling 9.3% compounded increases since we won our contract last year.

You should see the raise starting with your October 17th paycheck. This is an across-the-board increase guaranteed to all members in LBNL.

Remember, these guaranteed raises were not just handed to us. We won them in the face of tough employer opposition by standing together as Teamsters. From worksite actions to mobilizing thousands across California in our statewide strike, we harnessed our power like never before and showed the UC that our work makes the University work.

Further raises through 2021 will be subject to bargaining beginning after April 2019. We encourage all LBNL to get involved in our Union as we prepare for our upcoming negotiations. Let’s all stand together as Teamster members so we will have the power to protect and expand our pay, benefits and rights at work!