Jason Rabinowitz Addresses Unity Conference

Jason Rabinowitz, Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer and the newly appointed Director of Teamsters Public Services Division, addressed 2,500 Teamster Sisters and Brothers at this year’s Unity Conference to highlight the incredible success story of the Teamsters Union in Public Service in the face of anti-worker attacks.

“In one state after another they have taken away collective bargaining rights, created obstacles to workers standing together, lowered pay and benefits and stripped away our pensions.” Rabinowitz said.  “But the Teamsters are standing strong and we are standing together.  Teamster membership in Public Service today is higher than it was on the day of the Janus decision nearly a year ago!”

The crowd roared as Rabinowitz recounted victory after victory of the 209,000 Teamsters in Public Service across the country in maintaining membership despite the efforts of anti-union forces. He thanked General President Hoffa for his 20 years of leadership that has turned our Teamsters Union around, saying: “We are bigger and stronger than ever thanks to your vision and your leadership and we thank you.”

Rabinowitz explained that Labor must present its vision against the anti-worker plans of our adversaries.

“Our vision is that every worker must have rights and dignity in the workplace. Our vision is that every worker should be paid enough to live. Our vision is that every worker deserves healthcare and a guaranteed retirement after a lifetime of service. Our vision is that America belongs to all of us, the people whose work makes America work and not just to the ultra-rich and the corporations. We deserve our seat at the table and our fair share of the wealth that we create.”

Rabinowitz spoke about the unprecedented challenges our Union faces in the public sector, brought on by a sustained, well-funded and coordinated attack on the rights of Public Service workers and our Union.

Teamster membership in Public Service is higher than ever as a result of all the incredible organizing work our Union did leading up to this decision in educating our members about the importance of standing together in our Union.

“We cannot rest on our laurels because the attacks on our Union continue, more lawsuits, online attacks, union busting organizers coming to our worksites. These attacks emanate from a web of anti-union organizations that all have very nice sounding names like, Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Democratic and they all have one thing in common, they are funded by greedy employers that seek to weaken and divide our Movement.”

Rabinowitz concluded with an empowering vision of the Labor Movement and a chant to pump the room up:

“Sisters and Brothers, our cause is just, our vision is attainable, our adversaries have a lot more money and a lot more power than we do, but there is no power stronger than the might of working people. When we are organized and standing together in our Union and when we stand together, we win together. That’s right, WHEN WE STAND TOGETHER….” The room shouted back: “WE WIN TOGETHER!!”

This convening of Teamsters demonstrates the power our Union has in California and across the country. As a Local in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, our members stand in solidarity with Teamster brothers and sisters across North America who stand with them. Together we have the power to improve our workplaces and our country.

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