Make Your Voice Heard on UC Payroll Issues!

Recently, we proudly reported that Senate Bill 698, legislation Teamsters Local 2010 is co-sponsoring with our sister UC Union, UAW Local 2865, was passed unanimously by all Senators in attendance. SB 698, UC Payroll Accountability, would make clear that the UC is required under state labor laws to pay their employees on time or be subject to fees and penalties. This would ensure that we can hold UC accountable for its disastrous implementation of the UCPath program systemwide. UCPath has resulted in our members and other UC employees receiving short or even missing paychecks!

SB 698 now moves to the State Assembly, and if approved there, will go to Governor Newsom to be signed into law. As the bill moves into this critical phase, now is the time for you to make your voice heard in Sacramento.

Take a few moments now to encourage your Assemblymember to support UC workers and California families by voting in favor of SB 698. Send a letter to your Assemblymember by clicking here

Our automated system will guide you through the process: You may send a standard, pre-written message or customize your letter. It only takes a minute to make an impact and stand alongside fellow Teamsters as we make clear that the UC is not above the law and that these serious paycheck errors are not acceptable.

SB 698 is critical now because the UC has claimed a blanket exemption to state wage and hour laws that apply to all other public employers and has often refused to make employees whole for the damages their payroll system has inflicted. They also continue to implement UCPath despite extreme understaffing at the UCPath Center.

History shows that when we stand together as Teamsters, our voices are heard! Click here now to send your letter and help pass SB 698.