Local 2010 Leaders Honored by NAACP

Teamsters Local 2010 leaders were recognized by the NAACP Riverside branch at their seventh annual Salute to Labor Unions Saturday, Oct. 19 at the Riverside Convention Center.

Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz received an A. Phillip Randolph Award for being “a valuable union leader among your peers having tirelessly worked to promote the safety of and welfare of all.”

“Mr. Rabinowitz, you are among a select few who have toiled in the vineyards never seeking a pat on the back and who have given unselfishly of their time, talents and resources to enhance the quality of life among those who often are the least, the lost or the last within our community. And it is because of all these reasons that we want to thank you publicly for all you have done and for all you continue to do, seen and unseen, in the course of your work.”

-Sharron Lewis, Chair
Salute to Labor Unions

Local 2010 Trustee and UCLA Clerical Steward Jackie Spears received an Organizing Achievement Award for her “organizational skills, dedication and your great abilities to bring people together,” said event Chair Sharron Lewis. “We believe that you are an outstanding example and role model our future generations can and will proudly look up to!”

Finally, 2010 Union Representative James Glaze was bestowed a Foot Soldier Award for “working tirelessly and efficiently when representing our member’s interests and fighting for their workplace rights, often going above and beyond the call of duty.”

This year’s theme, “Two Movements, One Goal; Don’t Give Up, Organize,” celebrates the importance of recognizing our labor unions’ past accomplishments and their effective collaborations with other organizations. There is strength in numbers and when we organize together, we make a difference.

“The historic bond between the labor and civil rights movements is crucial to winning justice for all working people. Labor can only win when we stand together against racism and all forms of discrimination.”

-Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer

Teamsters Local 2010

Congratulations to our esteemed colleagues and friends and thank you for your service!!

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