CSU Agrees to Pay Workers for This Week; Teamsters Reiterate Demand to be Paid for Duration of Crisis

We are pleased to announce that after repeated demands from Teamsters 2010, the CSU late this afternoon confirmed that they will pay all workers who cannot work due to the COVID-19 coronavirus for their regular hours retroactive to March 20 [edited after publication]. They are considering extending the paid administrative leave through next week, as well. Teamsters have reiterated our demand for paid leave for our members for the duration of the COVID-19 nationwide pandemic.

Our Union has also demanded that the CSU Chancellor immediately issue a statewide policy requiring campus presidents to implement remote work for all employees except those required to be on campus to maintain minimum basic operations. For those positions that cannot work from home, we are asking for paid administrative leave.

Our Union is especially concerned about workers at CSU San Francisco, CSU East Bay, and CSU San Jose, all of which are within the six counties that issued shelter at home orders on Monday, March 16. Teamsters have asked for an emergency meet and confer to ensure that trades workers there are able to follow the ordinance without risk of a misdemeanor criminal charge.

We have set up a comprehensive webpage with links to online information regarding COVID-19 instructions and frequently asked questions for each campus, our Union demands on behalf of CSU Skilled Trades workers, and what the government aid is available to workers in California.

For employees 65 years or older, campuses are directing their employees to stay home due to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s edict. Workers should notify their manager to see if there are telecommuting options.

Click here to access the Teamsters’ comprehensive CSU COVID-19 information.

Click here to view our demands to the CSU Chancellor.

Our Union has also compiled a list of legal rights that cover all Teamsters working at the CSU.