Fellow Workers Need You to Register & Vote

Are you registered to vote? It is critical that every Teamster vote in this November’s election, where Union jobs and the rights of working people are on the line.

County Registrar-Recorders have already sent ballots to folks who are registered voters – BUT IT’S NOT TOO LATE! If you register by Oct. 19, you can still receive a mailed ballot to return by mail or deposit in a ballot-return box.

Please VOTE NO on PROP 22 when you receive your ballot. This Proposition is a power grab by billionaire corporations that are trying to buy a law so they can deny workers their basic rights, like sick leave, healthcare benefits, job protections and Union rights. Voting NO on Prop 22 means companies like Uber and Lyft can’t further erode middle class jobs by denying their workers a minimum wage and basic job protections. It also protects our jobs from greedy employers who want to extend the “gig” model to all jobs to take away the rights of all workers

Voting is important. If you do not vote, then how can you complain about something you missed the opportunity to change?
Michael Pisano
Member, UC Santa Cruz Chapter

Elect Worker-Friendly Candidates

The Teamsters Joint Councils for California have researched which federal, state and local candidates have a history or commitment to workers like us. Please take a look at the candidates and issues that Teamsters statewide recommend.

Southern California endorsements

Northern California and Central Valley endorsements

If you have not received a ballot, please register to vote now and cast your vote as early as possible

"Workers’ rights are on the ballot in this critical election. Every Teamster must register and vote so that the voices of working people are heard. Please make sure to vote NO on Prop 22 to stop the billionaire power grab and save our jobs!"
Jason Rabinowitz