We Call the Shots!

UC Teamsters Demand Personal Flu Vaccine Exemption NOW!

Teamsters met with the University to negotiate over Janet Napolitano’s Executive Order requiring all employees to get the flu shot. CX and Skilled Trades members from around the state met together online and demonstrated Teamster strength at the bargaining table. Our membership is diverse and has different experiences and exposure to the flu vaccine.

“Our Union will continue to fight for our members’ right to make personal medical decisions without employer interference,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 2010. “While our members have a diversity of views regarding vaccinations, each of us should have the right to call the shots on our own health care.”

“Teamsters are fighting for our right to a personal exemption. We need be able to call the shots.”
Andy Taff
Painter at UC Santa Barbara

Our Teamster proposal includes:

  • An option to decline for personal reasons and clarification of the religious and medical declinations.
  • Language that would allow employees who telecommute or work remotely a choice in getting the vaccination.
  • Language that protects employees against discipline or discrimination for not getting the flu shot.
  • That flu shots be provided for free, at work and during work time.
  • That Workers’ Compensation kick in if employees get sick from the flu shot.
  • That there be campus-based negotiations to discuss issues including location to receive shots, dates, time, etc.

UCOP has agreed to meet the week of Oct. 5 and we will keep members updated.

Read President Janet Napolitano’s executive order by clicking here.

“We would like to see all these provisions put into place. In the past, the University has allowed us to wear a mask. Getting a flu shot needs to be our choice as it has always been. Keep the past practice in place.” - Tammie Tillmon UCLA patient authorization representative
Tammie Tillmon
Patient Authorization Representative, UCLA