Virtual Rally with Teamsters Gen. President Hoffa

Defeat Prop 22 & Save Our Jobs!

Over the next several weeks, millions of Californians will vote on the most threatening ballot initiative in California Teamster history – Prop. 22.

Greedy billionaire corporations like Uber and Lyft have spent $200 million in an attempt to buy a law that would allow them to deny basic job protections to workers: minimum wage, health and safety, overtime, Workers’  Compensation, Social Security, Medicare and Union rights.

Prop. 22 would allow those companies to compete directly with Teamster employers in package delivery, transit, school buses, and more. If we don’t beat it, they will be coming after our jobs!

Join Teamsters General President Hoffa and Teamsters members from around the state as we hear from Teamsters in the key industries threatened by Prop. 22, and learn how you can help defeat this dangerous Proposition!

WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 17th
TIME: 9 a.m.

(Just before our Local 2010 Membership Meeting)

San Fran rally to save good jobs Oct. 15

On Oct. 15, drivers from across the state are coming to Uber HQ to say NO on 22. Meet at 12 noon at San Francisco City Hall and march to Uber HQ at 1455 Market Street to meet the drivers for a rally. Wear your mask and RSVP to your Union Rep.