Teamsters at CSU Negotiate 256 Paid Hours for Non-Work Related COVID-19 Leave

Workers who become ill or are exposed to COVID-19 through work will not be required to use personal sick leave

Andrew Lowrimore
Facilities Worker II
CSU Bakersfield

“I just want to thank the bargaining team. You guys saved me 80 hours of sick time due to my COVID exposure at work. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Blaine Hinckley
San Diego State University

“This comes as welcome news. Since 2021 is still met with the same school closures causing childcare restraints, this helps out greatly.”

Our Teamsters Bargaining Team for CSU workers have negotiated another round of leave benefits for members in order to maintain jobs and livelihoods. Teamsters working at CSU campuses throughout California will now have access to 256 additional paid leave hours through Dec. 31, 2021. The leave may be applied to qualifying leaves retroactively to Jan. 1, 2021.

Expanded COVID Related Leave (ECRL) may be used for:

a) The employee’s own COVID-19 illness.

b) The employee is experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms and is seeking diagnosis for their own illness.

c) Care for an employee’s immediate family member who resides in the employee’s household who has COVID-19 symptoms or illness.

d) The employee is responsible for care of a minor child, who resides in the employee’s household, and whose school or daycare is closed due to COVID-19 resulting in the employee being unable to work.

e) The employee is excluded from the worksite because of a requirement under Cal OSHA General Industry Safety Orders, Section 3205.

Our Union agreed to withdraw our grievances seeking continued emergency pay.

“Our Union agreed that we are past the emergent phase of COVID-19 and that maintaining all CSU workers’ base pay is critical through the remainder of this pandemic,” said Drew Scott, Skilled Trades Director for Teamsters Local 2010. “This is about keeping people in their homes, the power on and food on the table.”

The agreement also says:

  • Teamsters will not be required to use their accrued sick leave for time off work due to a work-related COVID-19 illness or exposure; that time off will be covered by the CSU “exclusionary time off.”
  • Teamsters will receive 128 hours more than other bargaining units the CSU chooses to give ECRL without a settlement agreement. If CSUEU negotiates an agreement in lieu of their emergency pay grievances with the CSU, our Teamsters agreement guarantees we will receive any hours over 256 granted to CSUEU.

View the entire agreement with the CSU by clicking here.

“Our Bargaining Team did great work winning this agreement that will benefit our CSU members through the COVID surge and beyond. As long as we are facing this pandemic, Teamsters Local 2010 will continue to protect workers’ safety and jobs.”

Jason Rabinowitz