Show Your Support of our AO2 Bargaining Team!

A screenshot of our AO2 Bargaining Team on the first day of negotiations with the UC Jan. 27. Where are the UC team members? (UC team members in red rectangles.)

Our Bargaining Team meets across the virtual table with the UC starting at 10:30 a.m. today and we’re asking all Administrative Officer 2 workers to sign a petition showing you support our team’s pursuit of fair wages and an appropriate salary scale. Ask your co-workers, family and friends to sign it in support, as well.

It’s important that we stand with our team so that the UC doesn’t assume we are weak and will settle for the bottom-of-the-scale wages many of us are making — some even after many years of service to the UC! Check out the graphs (linked here) that our Union put together showing that 83 percent of us are making below the middle of the UC’s own salary scales for AO2s. If you look at wages for comparable State and public sector positions, 97 percent of us make less than the market median of our respective locations.

The UC has already demonstrated that they are not taking our negotiations seriously, as evidenced by the fact that NONE of their team had cameras on during our first negotiations meeting. One member said they were not dressed appropriately and were outside. Perhaps on the golf course?

We need to show the UC that we’re ALL IN when it comes to standing united with our bargaining team.

Click here to sign the petition.

The petition to UC Labor Relations, UC President Michael V. Drake and the UC Board of Regents says:

“We, the undersigned Administrative Officer 2 workers at the University of California and our supporters, stand united with the AO2 Bargaining Team as they pursue our goal of fair wages and an appropriate pay scale that grows with our experience.

“We are proud of our work that assists students, patients, faculty and other staff fulfill the UC’s purpose of teaching, research and public service, and UC Health’s purpose of advancing healing and reducing suffering.

“We support the Administrative Officer 2 Bargaining Team!”

Click here to sign the petition.

In Solidarity,

Our Teamsters 2010 AO2 Bargaining Team members

Edwin Bish, UC Berkeley & Office of the President
Christi-Anne Sokolewicz, UC Davis
Lina Lopez & Julie Herrick (Alternate), UC Irvine
Krystal Cortez, UC Merced
Maggie Godinez, UC Riverside
Alejandra Munoz & Kaitlyn McManus (Alternate), UC San Diego
Dea Dickinson, UC Santa Barbara
Laura Wilson & Anna Montgomery (Alternate), UC Santa Cruz
Kien Truong & Maia Bailey (Alternate), UC San Francisco
Jasmine Del Toro, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources