1,175 New Teamsters Join our Union!

UC misclassifications can’t stop Union power! We’re thrilled to welcome 1,175 UC Ambulatory Care Coordinators, Facilities Management Specialists, Health Professional Education Specialists, and Research Administrators to Local 2010 following a decision from the state Public Employment Relations Board (PERB)!

PERB’s decision declared that each of the new Teamsters titles shares a community of interest with our existing CX Unit and should have been part of our Unit from their creation. UC misclassified these workers in an attempt to deny our brothers and sisters the Union-negotiated wages and benefits they deserve. Affected workers are now part of the CX Unit as of June 22, 2023, meaning they will also receive the 4.6% raise and additional step increase guaranteed for all CX workers!

“It’s great to be represented again! I like feeling a little more secure knowing someone is fighting for us to receive better pay and protect our rights.”

Our new brothers and sisters join more than 17,000 administrative, paraprofessional, and skilled trades workers providing critical public service at every UC and CSU location in the state. Together with 1.2 million Teamsters members in the U.S. and Canada, we are Teamsters strong!

Over the coming weeks, workers will assemble a Bargaining Team and begin the process of bargaining for the salary ranges, step placement, and on-call and shift differential pay–among other benefits–that every Teamster deserves.

"Teamsters Local 2010 welcomes our new sisters and brothers. We are especially pleased that they will immediately see the benefits of being Teamsters — guaranteed raises that are higher than those for non-Union workers, this year and every year of our contract — plus all the rights at work and benefits of Teamsters representation. We urge everyone to sign your Teamster membership card right away and get involved in the Union, because we are only as strong as our members!"