CSU Teamsters Demand Guaranteed Raises!

During our latest session on July 18-19, our Teamsters Unit 6 Bargaining Team responded to CSU’s most recent salary offer, recognizing the areas where CSU had made real movement while holding fast against the takeaways CSU has proposed on emergency pay and in-range progressions (IRP).

On emergency pay and IRPs, we continued to propose that CSU maintain the provisions of both programs and refused to accept any concessions. We continued to propose significant general salary increases (GSI) to address the recent spike in the cost of living and automatic step increases for each year of the agreement on revised salary schedules.

Our proposal rejects CSU’s state budget contingency language that unnecessarily makes their proposed raises not truly guaranteed. Our salary proposal also does not tie step increases to performance evaluation ratings as the CSU proposal does. We were clear with the CSU that isn’t in either side’s interest to empower rogue managers to take away needed raises using the performance evaluation process.

Instead, under our proposal, all Unit 6 employees who are not at the top of their salary range would receive a step increase and those at the top of their ranges would receive a lump sum payment equivalent to what a step increase would have otherwise been.

As a result of our Bargaining Team’s diligence throughout the process so far, we are currently awaiting a response from the CSU on more than a dozen articles in addition to the salary article. The CSU team has indicated that they will provide a response on salary and the many other outstanding articles at our next bargaining session on August 8-9.

"CSU Teamsters demand guaranteed raises and fair pay for the hard work we do to keep the University running – and we stand ready to do whatever it takes to win the strong contract we deserve!”