Teamsters, CFA unite on strike lines to demand fair CSU!

In Pomona, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, Teamsters shut it down last week in our solidarity strikes with CFA!

CSU Teamsters and our allies were proud to join faculty, coaches, librarians, and counselors as they struck at four CSU campuses last week. Teamsters and CFA are united in our demands for better pay, better treatment, an end to understaffing, and an end to the disrespect workers receive from the CSU every day!

"Teamsters are here in solidarity with you, the faculty, the students, and the community. We are part of the community. We are the people. We are not faceless, nameless workers. We are the BSEs who bring you heat. We are the maintenance mechanics who unclog your toilets... We are the people, we are the community, and we have the power."

Teamsters showed up to picket at 5:00 AM at each of the four striking campuses, shutting down construction sites and turning away deliveries, as workers honored our Teamster picket. We joined CFA strikers on the picket line to urge drivers to turn around. Together our unions shut campuses down as we protested CSU’s unfair bargaining and insultingly low pay!

“Together, Teamsters and faculty shut down the university in an unprecedented display of unity and strength,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 2010. “Our members are fed up with CSU’s unfair treatment, and are ready to do whatever it takes, including additional strike action, until CSU bargains in good faith for the fair contract that workers deserve.”

Our solidarity made headlines across the state and truly showed the CSU what the unified workers of the CSU system are capable of. Strikes are always our last resort, but if the CSU doesn’t return to bargaining with the wage proposals we need to see, we’re prepared to meet them on the strike lines again.