Teamsters Statement on CSU’s Take on PERB Fact-Finding in CFA Negotiations

Statement from Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 2010

“Teamsters Local 2010 supports our fellow Union members of California Faculty Association in their fight for fair pay, workloads and rights on the job. Teamsters are are going on strike in unity with CFA, and in protest of CSU’s continuing unfair labor practices committed against Teamsters members, Monday, Dec. 4 through Thursday, Dec. 7.

“CSU’s numerous unfair labor practices have included bargaining in bad faith, stalling negotiations, interfering with workers’ rights to engage in Union activities, unilaterally changing work rules, removing Union signage and materials from breakrooms, and threatening retaliation for participating in a strike action.

“CSU has denied workers step increases for 28 years, as a result of which skilled trades pay at the CSU has lagged behind comparable positions at UC campuses in the same counties by over 23%, and 82% of skilled workers are trapped below the median of their salary range despite years of service to the University.

“CSU can afford to be fair with workers. The University just raised student tuition by 6% per year for five years, and is slated to receive budget increases of at least 5% per year under a compact with the Governor. CSU is sitting on cash and reserves of over $10 billion, and hands out extravagant salaries to executives while short-changing workers.

“Teamsters will continue to stand together and to stand with our fellow Unions, until CSU treats our members, faculty, and all workers at CSU with the fairness we deserve.”