Accretion Bargaining Team Continues to Fight for Fair Pay!

Our CX Bargaining Team is still hard at work demanding fair salary ranges and other conditions of employment since we have now become Teamsters.  After 14 sessions, our Teamsters team has reached agreement on 31 of 88 pay ranges for workers at UCs across the state. Our team has also reached tentative agreements on:

    • Retroactive step placement to July 2023
    • PTO leave conversion
    • Maintenance of existing overtime exempt status
    • Shift differential pay for Facilities Management Specialists and Health Professional Education Specialists.
    • Conversion from contract employment status to career or limited
    • License and certification pay for Facilities Management Specialists
    • One-time carry over participation in bonus and incentive plans
    • Adherence to minimum staffing requirements under ACGME standards for Health Professional Education specialists. 

​​​While these are positive gains, the UC is refusing a lump sum ratification bonus, a 2% step proxy for Patient Relations Professionals who missed out due to UC’s delays during the accretion process, and UC wants to freeze the pay (red circle) 49 workers with their low-ball pay range proposals, especially at UCSF, UCLA, and UC Davis. 

“The University makes so much money in research revenue but does not seem to want to pay employees fairly or hire enough workers for the work that they do. It’s disheartening that they are not proposing decent wages.”

Help us tell the UC that there are thousands of workers and thousands of reasons why they should stop suppressing worker pay ranges, pay the 2% step proxy for the PRPs, and pay a ratification lump sum bonus.

Join us on Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 11:30 a.m. for more updates on bargaining, including how your action in the field can make a difference at the bargaining table.

CX Unit Accretion Bargaining Update Town Hall
11:30 AM
Wednesday, Feb. 21

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