Support the CX Accretion Bargaining Team!

Help us tell the UC that there are thousands of workers and thousands of reasons why they should stop suppressing worker pay ranges and pay a ratification lump sum bonus to recently-accreted CX Teamsters! 

The UC brings in billions every year from public funding and rising student tuition, but still they force their own workers to pay more in employee retirement contributions, parking, and healthcare-related costs. They claim a commitment to public service at the same time as they say that there is no more money for the workers who keep the UC running.

Add your name to our petition demanding UC leaders bargain fairly with the CX Accretion Bargaining Team!

Our CX Accretion Bargaining Team!

We ask that newly-accreted Teamsters get to share in the ratification lump sum that all CX Teamsters received in 2022, that Patient Relations Professionals receive a 2% step raise, and that the UC stop disrespecting their hard-working employees. The money that our asks represent is pennies to the UC but would allow newly-accreted workers to buy groceries, pay rent, and to keep making a living in the most expensive state in the country.

Show your support for our Bargaining Team by sending a letter to UC Chancellors and Health Executives together with the 17,000 powerful members of Teamsters Local 2010!