Special Call General Membership Meeting on Tuesday

Under the Local 2010 Bylaws, the President can call a “Special Meeting” of the membership if she considers the issue at hand important enough to warrant such a meeting. President Catherine Cobb has called a special meeting of Local 2010 membership for this Tuesday, March 26 at 6:00 PM for the sole and exclusive purpose of resolving one question that deadlocked (a four/four split) at the Executive Board.

Our Bylaws provide that “If the Executive Board is deadlocked for two consecutive meetings on any matter within its exclusive authority…this matter may be referred to the membership for resolution.” At its meetings of March 4 and March 18, the Executive Board has deadlocked over the following matter:

The unavailability of the Secretary-Treasurer due to a suspension of less than one year’s duration shall not create a vacancy to be filled pursuant to Article XXII, Section 9 of the IBT Constitution, and the Secretary-Treasurer shall resume his term of office at the end of the suspension. During such temporary absence, the President shall perform all duties and assume all responsibilities of the Office of Secretary-Treasurer.

Members in attendance at this meeting will be asked to vote on this motion to resolve the Executive Board’s deadlock.

Special Call General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, March 26, 2024
6:00 PM

Voting will be conducted anonymously and electronically during the meeting. Members must log on to Zoom using their own computer or smartphone in order to vote. Smartphone users are encouraged to download the Zoom app ahead of time, then may tap the meeting link in your registration confirmation email to join the meeting once it begins. Zoom apps for iOS and Android can be downloaded here or on the Apple or Android App Stores.

Please note that registration confirmations do not arrive immediately after registration. All confirmation emails are resent the day of the meeting. If you do not receive yours and you have checked your email’s junk/spam folders, please send an email to info@teamsters2010.org.