President Catherine Cobb to Step In as Teamsters 2010 Principal Officer, March 29 – May 27

Following an overwhelming vote in support from Local 2010 membership, beginning tomorrow President Catherine Cobb will step in as the Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 2010 while Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz is absent for a two-month suspension.

Local 2010 members voted to approve this plan on Tuesday, March 26 during our Special Call General Membership Meeting. 90% of voting Teamsters said yes to the motion, in a vote of 271 ayes to 31 nays with 8 abstentions. The motion being voted on read:

The unavailability of the Secretary-Treasurer due to a suspension of less than one year’s duration shall not create a vacancy to be filled pursuant to Article XXII, Section 9 of the IBT Constitution, and the Secretary-Treasurer shall resume his term of office at the end of the suspension. During such temporary absence, the President shall perform all duties and assume all responsibilities of the Office of Secretary-Treasurer.

Secretary-Treasurer Rabinowitz will be unavailable for all Union business from March 29 until May 27. During this time President Cobb will assume all of his responsibilities. 

Tuesday’s meeting was the largest general membership meeting in our Union’s history, with more than 400 members joining online in order to cast their votes on this issue. We thank every member who took the time to make their voice heard on the business of our Union.