HW Maintenance – ART. 21: Group Insurance



SECTION 1. Employees with three (3) months of continuous service and who work thirty (30) hours or more per week and/or one hundred twenty (120) or more hours per month effective July 1, 2021, the Company shall pay the cost of providing Union sponsored health and welfare benefits (Medical, Dental, & Life Insurance) for all eligible employees and dependents, plus the annual increase up to 12%.

The Company shall pay any increase in the union sponsored health and welfare benefits premiums based on the following dates:

Effective Date                         Increase

7/1/21                                     12%

7/1/22                                     12%

7/1/23                                     12%

7/1/24                                     12%

7/1/25                                     12%

7/1/26                                     12%

7/1/27                                     12%

7/1/28                                     12%

7/1/29                                     12%

SECTION 2. Employees, upon documented proof of an alternative medical coverage through a family member or any other type of medical coverage, may be permitted to withdraw from the Company’s Health and Welfare Plan and receive in return a monthly amount of $120, otherwise payable by the Company for such withdrawing employee’s Health and Welfare coverage.