HW Maintenance – ART. 23: Substance Abuse



SECTION 1. When the Company’s highest representative on duty has a 11reasonable suspicion” that an employee is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the Company may require the employee immediately to go to a qualified medical facility to provide both urine and blood specimens for the purpose of testing and to receive a fitness for work examination by a licensed physician.

SECTION 2. Reasonable Suspicion” means suspicion based on specific personal observation that the Company’s representative can describe concerning the appearance, behavior, speech, or breath odor of the employee. The Union shall immediately be made aware of any situation concerning substance abuse testing of any employee covered by this Agreement.

SECTION 3. An employee who requests a leave of absence to attend a rehabilitation program to seek treatment for alcoholism or drug abuse shall be granted such a leave of absence, and shall be reinstated to his/her former position, once successfully completing such a program.