HW Maintenance – ART. 6: Pay Period & Payroll Deduction



SECTION 1.  Employees shall normally be paid twice a month.  The Company shall provide the Union with advance notice of any change in paydays or place of check distribution.  If a scheduled payday falls on a weekend or scheduled holiday, paychecks will be distributed on the last workday prior to the weekend or holiday.

SECTION 2.  Employees shall be responsible for the reasonable cost of repair; reasonable loss of use, if any; or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged property when due to their negligence. Any employee, except as otherwise provided herein, through the Union may avail himself of the grievance procedure set forth in Article 4 hereof to contest any action taken by the Company pursuant to this Section and the Company agrees to abide by the decision rendered through such procedure.

SECTION 3.  Except as provided in Section 2 of this Article, no deductions shall be made from the paycheck of any employee without the written consent of the employee, other than those deductions required by law and as provided in this Agreement.